Friday, November 26, 2010

Bal-Sagoth - Starfire Burning upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule

Elync's Recommended Winter Listening List Pt. II

Ah, epic black metal. Seriously my favorite form of the genre. This album gives off the feeling of marching in a war-ravaged snow field, sword and axe at your side, and blood on your hands.

Slay some dragons while listening to this album.

  1. "Black Dragons Soar above the Mountain of Shadows (Prologue)" – 3:05
  2. "To Dethrone the Witch-Queen of Mytos K'unn (The Legend of the Battle of Blackhelm Vale)" – 6:45
  3. "As the Vortex Illumines the Crystalline Walls of Kor-Avul-Thaa" – 6:35
  4. "Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule" – 7:23
  5. "Journey to the Isle of Mists (Over the Moonless Depths of Night-Dark Seas)" – 1:11
  6. "The Splendour of a Thousand Swords Gleaming Beneath the Blazon of the Hyperborean Empire" – 6:03
  7. "And Lo, When the Imperium Marches Against Gul-Kothoth, Then Dark Sorceries Shall Enshroud the Citadel of the Obsidian Crown" – 6:28
  8. "Summoning the Guardians of the Astral Gate" – 6:09
  9. "In the Raven-Haunted Forests of Darkenhold, Where Shadows Reign and the Hues of Sunlight Never Dance" – 6:29
  10. "At the Altar of the Dreaming Gods (Epilogue)" – 2:29

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Anonymous said...

It would have been a good download, if only the tracks didn't contain their full titles. Because of that you can't even extract the files to HD.

Jair Guerrero said...

Thanks a lor for this album. An awesome band indeed.
Greetings from Mexico.