Thursday, November 25, 2010

Across Tundras - Old World Wanderer

Elync's Recommended Winter Listening List Pt. I

Although not quite winter-sounding, this album is certainly creative, and gives feelings of cold desert night. Clever, and creative. Unique stoner metal, if you could call it that.
Comments appreciated!
Stay tuned for the next installment of Elync's Recommended Winter Listening List!

1. Vanguard Battle Hymn 08:09
2. Fallin' to the Nethers 05:17
3. Weary Traveler's Rest 04:48
4. Stone Crazy Horse 03:44
5. Life On the Grain Belt 08:12
6. Tectonic Shifts 10:38
7. Rainmaker-Floodreaper 05:40



Anonymous said...

Link is corrupted (only tried downloading once though).

Here is a good one:

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