Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vast (1995) - Disaffected

, Skyfall Records
August 1995

Jose Costa - Vocals
Sergio Paulo - Guitars
António Gião - Bass
Fatima Geronimo - Keyboards
Joaquim Aires - Drums

1.Cold Tranquility04:12
2.No Feelings Left04:24
3.Unlimited Vision06:01
4.The Praxis of the Non-Being05:16
5.Dreaming I01:15
6.Dreaming II (Another Form)04:24
8.Dead Like My Dreams03:38
9.Desire Me Not03:37
10.Vast - The Long Tomorrow04:29
11....And Flesh Will Be My Bride06:03
12.Thou Art Lord (Acheron cover)03:51
Total playing time49:13

Note: There is an extra track, a cover of Slayer's "Seasons of the Abyss" off the Slayer tribute album "Slatanic Slaughter" included in the download. It is not actually a part of "Vast". Consider it a bonus.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Unleashed - Midvinterblot

1. Blood of Lies 02:14
2. This Is Our World Now 03:19
3. We Must Join with Him 03:58
4. Midvinterblot 02:59
5. In Victory or Defeat 02:40
6. Triumph of Genocide 03:12
7. The Avenger 03:12
8. Salvation for Mankind 02:54
9. Psycho Killer 02:14
10. The Witch 03:16
11. I Have Sworn Allegiance 02:39
12. Age of the Warrior 03:33
13. New Dawn Rising 02:47
14. Loyalty and Pride 03:09
15. Valhalla Awaits 03:35

Sorry for the gimoungous picture, but it'll look much better in your music collection.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Liaison - Abraxas

, Teichuku Records
September 1993

line up:
Chris Klauke: vocals
Oliver Mindner: guitar
Stephan Rohner: guitar
Jan Müller: bass
Heiko Burst: drums
Andreas Hittinger: keyboards

Original version is only available as a Japanese import (CD/LP).
Re-released in 1998 as "Tomorrow's World" with 3 bonus tracks.
1.Cry of the Nature03:38[view lyrics]
2.Dream Dealer03:58[view lyrics]
3.Crusader Prayer04:26[view lyrics]
4.Gates to Eden07:10[view lyrics]
5.Dreamers Island05:31[view lyrics]
6.Explorers05:12[view lyrics]
7.Tomorrow's World04:25[view lyrics]
8.Place Without Mirrows04:36[view lyrics]
9.The Liason04:23[view lyrics]
10.Euphoria07:23[view lyrics]
11.Signs (Bonus Track)04:18[view lyrics]
Total playing time53:00

Download (mediafire)