Monday, January 5, 2009

Random's Manifest (2000) - Acid Death

Savvas Betinis - Bass/Vocals
Dennis Costopoulos - Guitar
Nikos Andreadakis - Guitar/Keyboatds
Kostas Tsompanos - Drums

Released on Black Lotus Recs, spring 2000.
Recorded and mixed at Marathon Studios, Athens - Greece.
Produced by Acid Death.
Engineered by Nick Iosifides
1.Perfect Enemy04:32[view lyrics]
2.Random's Manifest (Part I)02:52[view lyrics]
3.Psycho Love04:07[view lyrics]
4.Sense Of Annihilation07:02[view lyrics]
5.Curse Of Flesh05:07
6.In Sorrow04:49[view lyrics]
7.Random's Manifest (Part II)03:48[view lyrics]
8.Misery Colored Yellow-Black05:33
9.Teach To Kill04:31[view lyrics]
10.Future deadlock04:58[view lyrics]
11.Random's Manifest (Part III)01:30
12.W.A.R. (Wrong And Right)04:04[view lyrics]
Total playing time52:53


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