Thursday, December 11, 2008

Martyr - Hopeless Hopes

1. Hopeless Hopes
2. Prototype
3. Elementals
4. Non Conformis
5. Ostrogoth
6. The Blind's Reflection
7. Inner Peace
8. Ars Nova
9. Nipskÿ



Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog!! Thanks a lot!

waiting to see some new links..come on move ur ass don't be lazy :p

Gideon S said...

Arg! Yeah I am lazy as hell, sorry for that, but I'm going to have a person with a vast knowledge of metal co run it with me after the 19th of december, and then there will be more variety here. And I'm so glad to help people out, I remember searching in vain for mediafire links, it just feels awesome to distribute the mediafire lovin.