Friday, December 19, 2008

Beyond into the Night of Day - Othyrworld

1.Ayltuthus I00:36
2.Of The Sun + Moon04:27
3.Fieldz The Sunshrine04:26
4.Odyssey Of Light01:59
5.Ethereal Skyline04:00
6.The Reign Of Night Rainz01:02
8.Right Ascension06:17
9.To Lunar Windz...04:21
10.The Alignment [including Beyond Into The Night Of Day]04:51
11.The Pressing03:19
12.In Light Of The Moon03:04


Uploaded by the Arthroprog, the blog's new co-owner.
At the request of Jeff Ulmer of Othryworld, here is a link t the website where you can buy the album. I AM FUCKIN FAMOUS


\m/ 4 ever said...

Fanatstic Job!! I love this blog

Gids Mcgee said...

Thanks, the blog is only going to get better now that Chanxorz is co-owning it with me, so stick around. If you have any requests, feel free to email me.

Kammenos said...
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