Monday, July 19, 2010

Of the Wand and the Moon

Amazing. think Agalloch, but without the metal influence. Atmospheric, Emotional, Memorable and Catchy.

1.Gandr00:46[view lyrics]
2.I Crave for You02:46[view lyrics]
3.Lion Serpent Sun04:34[view lyrics]
4.Sól Ek Sá04:10[view lyrics]
5.In the Colours of Night03:36[view lyrics]
6.The Substance of Simplicity02:30[view lyrics]
7.Raven Chant03:47[view lyrics]
8.She With Whom Compar'd the Alpes Are Vallies03:21[view lyrics]
9.VargQld03:00[view lyrics]
10.Wintry Mantle04:02[view lyrics]
11.Nighttime Nightrhyme05:21[view lyrics]



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