Friday, October 16, 2009

Mandatory - Exiled in Pain

2....Where They Bleed06:42
3.Crypta Crawler03:36
4.Obscure Mortification05:47
5.R.I.P (Rest In Pieces)04:30
6.Disemboweled And Devoured03:15
7.Curse Of The Undead05:37
8.Flesh Possessed05:00
9.Divine Selection03:52
11.Dawn Of Destruction01:53
12.Eyes Of Apathy03:01
13.Into The Fires Of Hell02:22
14.Sweet Revenge02:26
15.Day Of Carnage03:27
16.In Torment04:05
17.Mangled To Shreds02:13
18.Left For The Tomb04:04
19.Slaughter of the Innocent (Repulsion cover)01:36
20.Cross Me Fool (Razor cover)02:53
Total playing time01:11:02

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